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Keeping in touch during Coronavirus

As the Coronavirus pandemic continues to force people to isolate, not see friends and family or work from home, the use of technology to keep in touch increases further.


There are lots of ways to keep in touch - from phone calls to text messages, video calls to conference calls.

A number of platforms have grown in popularity in recent weeks, notably Zoom and Houseparty.

What do we recommend for video calls and group conversations?

We recommend contacting friends and family using Apple FaceTime, Google Duo and WhatsApp. These are all secure and private.

  • FaceTime - works on Apple Devices only. You can have a group call with up to 32 people

  • Google Duo - works on both Apple and Android devices. You can have a group call with up to 8 people at once. All calls are private and encrypted (secure).

  • WhatsApp - works on both Apple and Android Devices. You can have a group call with up to 4 people.

Online guides to making video calls on each platform:

How to make calls with FaceTime (Apple devices only)

How to make calls with Google Duo (Apple and Android devices)

How to make calls with WhatsApp (Apple and Android devices)

Alternatively, please click here for advice on making calls from Age UK.

If you get stuck or need any advice, please get in touch.


 What has become the HemingfordHub was first proposed in 2017 as a test case for how lonely or isolated people in the village could be supported by the community care sector and NHS. The Hub was recognised as a community group and received funding in November 2019. Just as the team was preparing to launch the Hub, Covid-19 happened.. 


07308 035416

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As well as committee members, we now have more than 100 volunteers supporting both villages. If you would like to join them to help during the Covid-19 pandemic or in other ways, please get in touch. 

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