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Best Practice Guidance


Best Practice guidance for volunteers in the
HemingfordHub Good Neighbour Scheme.

Updated 17/10/2023

Best Practice Guidance

Thank you for offering to help us help others. We want you to be safe and well while keeping others out of harm’s way. Please read this document and become familiar with the guidance. It will help keep you safe while minimising risks to others.

In the course of volunteering, you may learn something about a resident, their health, or contact details. Please treat ALL information in confidence.

In order to identify you as a HemingfordHub Volunteer, you will be provided with a photo identity card and a lanyard, unless you are a telephone call only volunteer. Please show it to the person you are helping, so they know you are bona fide. Please do not be offended if a person questions who you are, or challenges why you are outside. You are a HemingfordHub volunteer who is authorised to go about your errands.

All new volunteers, who are not telephone call only volunteers, will be asked to provide a head and shoulders photograph of themselves (a selfie will do), against a light background, saved as a jpeg. Please make sure we know your name when sending the photo! Please send this to our volunteer manager.


Keeping your data safe

We securely store data of names, addresses and phone numbers of volunteers and the residents we are helping.

Once a volunteer sends this information about residents to HemingfordHub for storing on the database, the volunteer has to destroy their written notes.  

We observe all mandatory GDPR rules. For added reassurance, we are officially recognised by the Hunts Forum, Good to Go — Good Governance mark which both by Huntingdonshire District Council (HDC) and Cambridgeshire County Council (CCC) approve.



While volunteering, you may come across vulnerable adults or adults at risk of harm; they should never experience abuse of any kind.

If you should see or hear anything that concerns you while you are out and about supporting residents, please report it to HemingfordHub and we will decide what action, if any, needs to be taken. You will be taken seriously and information will be dealt with confidentially by the HemingfordHub Safeguarding Officers. The Safeguarding Officers for HemingfordHub are: Christine Batter and Riva Elliott. Both can be contacted via the Hub phone number and email.


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