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Volunteer Handbook


HemingfordHub Good Neighbour Scheme Handbook

Updated 16.08.2023


Volunteer Handbook

This handbook is produced as a guide to all volunteers (who are not employees) of HemingfordHub. It is designed to keep them and our residents safe from any kind of harm, and advises what to do if a volunteer of HemingfordHub is confronted with an uncomfortable situation. The term volunteer is used here to refer to a person who provides agreed help to our residents. All potential volunteers applying to be involved in HemingfordHub must read this handbook and confirm by email to that they have read and agreed to it. They must then comply with the policies contained within it or the HemingfordHub insurance cover will become invalid. - see item 4 below.

If you have any questions or concerns at any time just contact the Hub on 07308 035416 or

Becoming a Volunteer including Insurance Information

Volunteers will only be able to visit residents in their own homes, help at HubClub, do residents’ shopping and give lifts on the Hub’s behalf after the following:

a.    Had an informal interview.

b.    If necessary, have completed the government Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check at Enhanced level        and had their DBS registration form checked by the DBS co-ordinator (this will be organised by the Hub).

c.    Have completed basic on-line Safeguarding awareness training (see Safeguarding section).    

d.    Have signed the Data Protection and Confidentiality agreement. This will be sent to you separately.

e.    They have had their ID card issued.

f.    They have confirmed by email that they have read this Handbook and agreed to be bound by the policies

      within it.

Telephone Volunteers only need to comply with points a, c, d, and f above.

All volunteers should wear their ID cards when visiting residents.

Volunteers will have the protection of ‘public and employer liability insurance' taken out by HemingfordHub for any tasks undertaken as directed by the Hub.

Volunteers are not covered by HemingfordHub insurance for providing lifts but most insurers will cover you under the terms of your own insurance. Check your insurance status via this link:

You should contact the Hub if you need to organise a lift for a resident.

Key Policies

HemingfordHub volunteers must comply with the following policies listed below and found on the Hub website in the Policy and Privacy section.






In addition, all of the Hub’s guidance documents and protocols can be found here on the Hub’s website.


Activity Reporting

Volunteers should record each task or contact on behalf of the Hub with a simple email or WhatsApp to the Hub at stating what was done on what date/time and should note any issues that may arise. This is necessary to comply with the terms of our insurance.

Unusual Circumstances

If a volunteer is confronted with a situation that he or she is not comfortable with, they must seek advice or assistance. Clearly, the emergency services must be called on 999 if the situation demands it. In the case of a safeguarding issue, contact the Hub.

Full details are documented in the Safeguarding Policies.


Accident Reporting

If a volunteer has an accident while carrying out an activity on behalf of the Hub, they must inform the Hub as soon as possible giving details of what happened. Details of all accidents are recorded in the Hub’s Accident Book.

Volunteer Support

Regular social meetings of volunteers will be held to share good practice and highlight common issues.

The Hub will contact our residents from time to time to review the quality of our services. Feedback from the quality reviews will be communicated to volunteers at the social meetings.


Any pre-authorised expenses incurred on Hub activities should be referred to the Hub Treasurer for payment.


HemingfordHub  Governance

The Hub has been developed and will continue to be run by Trustees that meet regularly to review progress and decide next steps. As the service develops, this will be the forum that reviews performance and decides how to make improvements. All Hub volunteers will be notified when the Trustees AGM is being held and are welcome to attend.

HemingfordHub will continue to submit itself for review by external persons and organisations as required.


Handbook Reviews



The HemingfordHub Trustees will review this policy and related good practice annually.
Adopted by the HemingfordHub Trustees on: 16/08/2023         Latest Review Date: August 2024


Chairman’s Signature:

a.    Safeguarding Policy
b.    Lone Working Policy

c.    Confidentiality and Data Protection Policy
d.    Health & Safety Policy
e.    Equality Policy
f.     Whistleblowing Policy

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