What you can do as a Volunteer or Zone Coordinator


Updated 20 April 2020

All volunteers are part of a numbered zone as close as possible to their own address. There are two zones in Hemingford Abbots and 18 in Hemingford Grey. Each zone has a Zone Coordinator who is also a zone volunteer.

As a Volunteer or Zone Coordinator, your responsibilities are to:

  • Make contact with 'at risk' residents in your zone (i.e. the over 70s, those with specific health issues or are pregnant), using your local knowledge, posters and by posting the 'Hello from Hemingford Hub' leaflet through letterboxes (remembering to write your own name, address and phone number you want them to use on that leaflet).

  • Find out the contact details of the 'at risk' resident (name, address, telephone number)

  • Understand the scope of the Hemingford Hub Good Neighbour Scheme (i.e. shopping, medicines, paper delivery, dog walking and/or chat). Look at www.hemingfordhub.co.uk for processes about prescriptions, shopping, newspaper delivery, and dog walking, as well as our Guidance for Volunteers information.

  • Establish the needs of each 'at risk' resident within their zone that are within this scope

  • Inform the Volunteer Manager via the Zone Coordinator of the details of those 'at risk' within their zone and their needs. This ensures the correct details can be entered on the database

  • Inform the Volunteer Manager if the contact details of the 'at risk' person or their needs change

  • Arrange for the agreed needs of each 'at risk' resident to be delivered ensuring all tasks are carried out using the most recent Government safety procedures and HemingfordHub Scheme Protocols. Leave all deliveries on the doorstep after informing the resident you will be arriving.

  • You should have the phone number of the 'at risk' resident you are keeping an eye on (contact details are held centrally and shared with Zone Coordinators). So please give them a ring every few days to make sure they are safe and have everything they need. If it seems they would benefit from a longer chat or more frequent calls, please contact a telephone volunteer in your zone or contact the Zone Manager.

  • Report the number of different ‘tasks’ to the Volunteer Manager each week via the Zone Coordinator and contact details of any new 'at risk' residents discovered by ‘asking around’.

  • All volunteers must inform the Volunteer Manager via their Zone Coordinator as soon as possible if they become unavailable to help with the Scheme. Do not carry out any tasks if you think you might have Covid-19

  • If payment is needed, please arrange that beforehand over the phone. Try to avoid cash payment; there are other means of money transfer. If you take cash, either wipe the notes and wash the coins in soap and water, or leave them for three days before handling them.


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 What has become the HemingfordHub was first proposed in 2017 as a test case for how lonely or isolated people in the village could be supported by the community care sector and NHS. The Hub was recognised as a community group and received funding in November 2019. Just as the team was preparing to launch the Hub, Covid-19 happened.. 



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As well as committee members, we now have more than 100 volunteers supporting both villages. If you would like to join them to help during the Covid-19 pandemic or in other ways, please get in touch. 

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