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Lone Working


Lone Working Policy


Updated 16.08.2023


HemingfordHub Good Neighbour Scheme is committed to ensuring, as far as is reasonably practicable, the personal safety of its volunteers. The reduction of risk and avoidance of untoward incidents is of paramount importance. Where volunteers or residents are involved, the emphasis must be on safeguarding them from harm, even in cases where the resident contributes to any disturbance.



A lone worker is anyone who works away from other volunteers or paid workers without direct support or supervision. Going into a resident’s house alone or taking a resident out in a car falls within this definition.


Volunteer Safe Working Arrangements

You must carry a switched-on mobile phone.

Telephone the resident prior to the visit to confirm your visit and to ensure they will be there. Volunteers may wish to prevent their telephone number being displayed on residents caller display  see Friendly Phone Calls Guide.

When you arrive at a resident’s house always show your identification, confirm who you are and why you are visiting, wait to be invited in.

You should never enter a house if you have any concerns. Carry out your own risk assessment on the doorstep before you enter. If you feel uncomfortable, make an excuse and leave or ring with a request for support.

Always keep a note of date, time and length of visit and email or WhatsApp to the Hub. Also report any issues arising from your visit.

The Hub will inform you of any changes in the condition of residents you support and the assistance they need.

Volunteers shall ensure all Health and Safety incidents due to lone working are recorded and brought to the attention of the HemingfordHub Trustees. 

The HemingfordHub Trustees will review this policy and related good practice annually.
Adopted by the HemingfordHub Trustees on: 16/08/2023         Latest Review Date: August 2024


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