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Collecting Precriptions


Process for dealing with requests for medication collection and delivery

(Updated 30/08/2021)


Reminder: Please don’t leave your request for a prescription or collection of medication to the last minute.

Ideally the surgeries and pharmacies need 5-6 days’ notice for repeat prescription requests.

On 2nd April 2020, the Government committed £300 million to pharmacies during the COVID-19 crisis, to assist with delivery of prescription medicines direct to the door of the isolated, shielded, at risk group. This funding has now ceased and this is the current situation:


  • From 31st August the Spinney Surgery has ceased delivering all prescriptions dispensed by their pharmacy to their patients’ homes. Their phone number is 01480 495347.

  • The Old Exchange Surgery in East Street amalgamated with Cromwell Place surgery under the name of The Grove. They are continuing to deliver all prescriptions dispensed by their pharmacy to their patients’ homes.

HemingfordHub will continue to assist those residents who cannot leave home due to health reasons. We can arrange for collection of medicines from the Spinney Surgery or local Lloyds and Boots, as well as delivering ‘paper prescriptions’ to these plus The Grove. Under no circumstances will medication be left with a neighbour or through the door but must be handed to the patient (or a member of the household).

Payment:  to be agreed between the volunteer and the resident.

Please note:

  • Since most people have returned to work our wonderful volunteers are not quite so ‘available’. We are very happy to help those who need us but if you are able to leave home or have a family member who can help, could you consider this option first.

  • Lloyds Pharmacy (01480 462109) offer free postal delivery for repeat prescriptions. You need to use email and internet banking to use this service. If you would like to do so, HemingfordHub would be happy to help you set it up.


  • Boots Pharmacy (01480 461886) have the same offer but also state: “Do you look after a family member or friend? With their consent you can opt to manage their prescription, ordering their items and arranging collection or delivery on their behalf.”


  • Don’t forget that some people are entitled to free prescriptions. If you are not one of these but have 2 or 3 items per month, it may be cheaper to use the prescription pre-paid option. We can give you further advice on this too.


Requests for assistance should be made either by email to or by phone to 07308 035416, stating name, address, postcode, date of birth and phone number.

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