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NEW Jigsaw puzzle library

Updated: 5 December 2020

With many people discovering - or re-discovering - the pleasure of a good puzzle, HemingfordHub is delighted to introduce a new jigsaw puzzle lending library.

For your safety and reassurance, the boxes of all puzzles in the library are wiped with an anti-bacterial wipe every time they are exchanged. In addition, we also quarantine puzzles for at least 72 hours between being lent out.

Please note that although we have a number of puzzles available to borrow, we are keen to grow our library. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss donating or lending a puzzle.

Available puzzles (opens in new tab)

Hemingford Grey puzzle library (opens in new tab; 14MB file)

How to book a jigsaw

Please contact the hub or your volunteer to confirm which jigsaw(s) you would like. If available, the volunteer will book the jigsaw out and arrange for it to be delivered to you.

Happy puzzling.


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