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NEW Hub IT Helpdesk

Updated: Jan 18, 2021

Need help with your PC, smartphone or tablet? Get in touch and we will try to help.

The current lockdown can be isolating and frustrating, so it is more important than ever that as many people as possible are able to make video calls, send photos and emails, use social media, etc.

If a member of your family is 'at risk', i.e. over 70, with a pre-existing health condition, or pregnant, we can help you get online with your family.

Whether it's trouble-shooting your wifi, learning how to use an iPhone or iPad and what apps you need, we can help. Just get in touch.

Got a spare iPad or iPhone?

*** If you have a spare iPad or iPhone (from iPhone 4 upwards) that you don't need or can lend to someone else so that they can get online, please let us know. It doesn't matter if your phone is out of contract; it can be used in wifi-only mode. If you can help, get in touch and we will discuss what we need from you in terms of making sure it has the apps it needs and/or passwords/PINs, etc. Thank you! ***


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