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Keep caring for Cambridgeshire – residents urged to keep to rules, as coronavirus hasn’t gone away

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

Residents across Cambridgeshire are being urged by civic and community leaders from across the county to “Keep Caring” for one another, as coronavirus hasn’t gone away.

A campaign launched yesterday (Tuesday 7 July) to reinvigorate public health messages and remind people that even though lockdown restrictions are gradually being lifted – everyone needs to continue to take action to help us all return to a more normal life.

With certain government restrictions relaxed from Saturday 4 July, including being able to meet in groups of up to two households in any location - public or private, indoors or outdoors - it remains the case that even inside someone’s home you should continue to keep a safe distance from anyone not in your household or bubble.

The two metre rule being relaxed to a ‘1 metre plus’ approach depends on the setting, and means people are being trusted to continue acting responsibly by following this and the related guidance to care for themselves and each other.

The more people we interact with, the more chance the virus has to spread. Therefore, everyone should still try to limit the number of people they see and get close to. The risk of transmission is also higher indoors, so people should take extra care, including wearing a face covering on public transport and in enclosed spaces where you can’t stay two metres apart.

The Keep Caring campaign outlines ways that people can take care of themselves and each other - for instance highlighting that:

  • Caring is keeping your distance - inside or outside

  • Caring is being responsible - staying isolated if you think you’ve got symptoms, or been close to someone who has

  • Caring is covering your face - even with no symptoms you might still spread virus

  • Caring is washing your hands - regularly, when you enter or leave a new place

It also points out that:

  • Caring is staying and buying local - to support local businesses and jobs

  • Caring is being considerate - rubbish destroys our countryside, and puts those who clear it up at risk


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