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HDC recognises Hemingford Hub as Covid-19 organisation

Huntingdon District Council (through Hunts Forum) has set up a network of recognised organisations in the District, to support local communities through the Covid-19 crisis, and Hemingford Hub has been selected as one of these.

A Recognised Organisation is a volunteer involved organisation which has a governing structure (in the case of Hemingford Hub, we are a Community Interest Group) which was in place before the outbreak of the Covid-19 epidemic.

This means that we already have good practice policies and procedures in place which will safeguard those both supporting and being supported by the group. We can support more volunteers within our organisation and we have the resources to support surrounding mutual aid groups. As a Recognised Organisation we are mainly supporting those in the ‘at risk from severe Covid-19´ category that are self-isolating – the over 70s, pregnant or have an underlying health problem. We will not be supporting those which have been identified as the most at need, those will be supported by the NHS volunteers.

We will take enquiries and referrals from Huntingdon District Council, and then cascade the enquiry down to suitable volunteers that are registered with us, to carry out that request.


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