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Advice for people helping others during lockdown

From Cambridgeshire Police:

Many people across our communities are doing their bit to help others during the Coronavirus health emergency.

From supporting people who are self-isolating with food supplies, to picking up medical prescriptions, all of these efforts are helping to save lives and protect our NHS.

Below is some advice from Cambridgeshire police about what you should do if you are concerned about someone.

If you are keeping an eye on someone in your neighbourhood and are concerned for their welfare, for example, if you knock on someone’s door or try to reach them by telephone and they don’t respond, there are some simple steps you can take.

Have a quick check through windows to see if you can see the person involved (make sure you exercise social distancing and don’t touch any surfaces);

Check for signs that the person may not be at home or may need assistance, such as a build-up of post, milk on the doorstep or anything else that may suggest the occupant needs help;

Speak to neighbours, making sure you keep the 2 metre social distancing rule to see if they know of any close friends or relatives that may be able to help or know where the person might be; could you contact them to confirm their whereabouts?

If the person is home but does not wish to answer the door/telephone but requires food or medication, you can email, or in the Hemingfords email or call 07308 035416, where help is available;

If you are still concerned, call the police on 101 giving the person’s name, address and telephone number if possible; the police call handler will then go through a set of questions to establish if an officer should attend;

If you see someone whose life is in danger, for example, they are lying on the floor, always call 999 and request an ambulance.

Cambridgeshire Constabulary have pulled together a list of responses to commonly-asked questions during the coronavirus lock down.

For more details visit:


 What has become the HemingfordHub was first proposed in 2017 as a test case for how lonely or isolated people in the village could be supported by the community care sector and NHS. The Hub was recognised as a community group and received funding in November 2019. Just as the team was preparing to launch the Hub, Covid-19 happened.. 


07308 035416

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As well as committee members, we now have more than 100 volunteers supporting both villages. If you would like to join them to help during the Covid-19 pandemic or in other ways, please get in touch. 

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