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With many people discovering - or re-discovering - the pleasure of a good puzzle, HemingfordHub is delighted to introduce a new jigsaw puzzle lending library.


For your safety and reassurance, the boxes of all puzzles in the library are wiped with an anti-bacterial wipe every time they are exchanged. In addition, we also quarantine puzzles for at least 72 hours between being lent out.


Please note that although we have a number of puzzles available to borrow, we are keen to grow our library. Please get in touch if you would like to discuss donating or lending a puzzle.

How to book a jigsaw


Available puzzles are listed below - scroll down the page to view more jigsaws and simply click on the image and click to send the automatic email (your device may ask you to allow this) - there is no need to fill in anything more; simply click the send button.  Or you can contact your volunteer who will book it for you.

Happy puzzling.

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