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Volunteer Teams & Zones


Volunteer Teams & Zones

In order to manage our response to Covid-19, we have divided Hemingford Abbots and Hemingford Grey into 20 zones; 2 for Abbots, 18 for Grey. Each zone has a Coordinator managing other volunteers in that area to serve the needs of those that need our support.

Below you will find four maps covering the villages. Each map shows the zone boundary, the corresponding coordinator and number of volunteers (correct at time of publishing). If you wish to contact your coordinator, please contact a member of the Hemingford Hub team via phone or email

Please note that you do NOT need to know which zone you are in to volunteer or let us know about someone that may be 'at risk'; simply contact us and we will forward your request or put you in touch with the appropriate Coordinator.


Maps v2 page 2.JPG

Hemingford Abbots (Zone 1)

Maps v2 page 3.JPG

Hemingford Abbots (Zone 2)

Maps v2 page 5.JPG

Hemingford Grey (Zones 1-3 & 18)

Maps v2 page 4.JPG

Hemingford Grey (Zones 4-17)