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Shopping Protocols


Process for Volunteers doing Shopping in Hemingford Hub GoodNeighbour Scheme during the Covid-19 virus outbreak

Please read the HemingfordHub Guidance for Volunteers before doing shopping for an at-risk person (the over 70s,people with specific health issues and women who are pregnant).            



1.  Arrange for the at-risk person to send a shopping list to you and how it will be transmitted - by phone, paper list on the doorstep, email etc.

2.  Ensure you have the phone number of the person you are shopping for in case you have any questions when at the shop but also in case they don’t answer the door when you deliver.


3.  Establish how urgent the items are and the expectation of when it/they will be delivered.

4.  Try to establish a regular regime of shopping to suit the needs of both volunteer and recipients. As far as possible tie it in with general shopping trips within the zone to limit trips to the supermarket. You may want to link up with another nearby zone via the Zone Coordinators WhatsApp group.


5.  Follow the HemingfordHub Guidance for Volunteers together with the government’s latest guidelines and the supermarkets’ instructions to keep yourself and the recipient of the shopping as safe as possible.

6.  Wash your hands, before and after delivering the shopping and use gloves, mask and hand sanitiser as appropriate.

7.  Arrange payment method and tell them the cost on the phone before delivery of shopping. Try to avoid cash payment if possible. If cash is the best or only option ask the at-risk person to put the money in an envelope.  You can then wipe notes and wash coins in soapy water or leave for 3 days before handling to be safe. You should never take an At-risk’s credit or debit card and PIN to the shop, even if they tell you they are happy for you to do it.


8.  Deliver shopping to the doorstep in a new supermarket carrier bag. Obey social distancing and wait till the recipient comes to the door. In this way you can ensure the shopping is taken in and the recipient is OK.  A good opportunity to have a chat (from at least 2 metres away) and to ask if they need anything else.