Process for volunteers doing shopping as part of the Hemingford Hub Good Neighbour Scheme during the Covid-19 virus outbreak

Updated 20 April 2020                                           


Please read the Hemingford Hub Guidance for Volunteers before doing shopping for someone 'at risk'.


  • Arrange for the 'at risk' person to send a shopping list to you and agree how it will be transmitted - by phone, paper list on the doorstep, email, etc.

  • Establish how urgent the items are and the expectation of when it/they will be delivered.

  • Try to establish a regular regime of shopping to suit the needs of both volunteer and recipients. As far as possible tie it in with general shopping trips within the zone to limit trips to the supermarket. You may want to link up with a nearby zone via another Zone Coordinator, who can use his or her WhatsApp group.

  • Follow the Hemingford Hub Guidance for Volunteers, together with the government’s latest guidelines and the supermarkets’ instructions to keep yourself and the recipient of the shopping as safe as possible.

  • Wash your hands before and after delivering the shopping and use gloves or hand sanitiser as appropriate.

  • Arrange payment method and cost by phone before delivery of shopping. Try to avoid cash payment if possible. If cash is the best or only option ask the 'at risk' to put the money in an envelope. You can then wipe notes and wash coins in soapy water or leave for three days before handling to be on the safe side.

  • Ring just before delivering shopping and leave shopping on the doorstep in a new supermarket carrier bag. Wait for the recipient to come to the door to collect the shopping. Make sure they are alright. Obey social distancing.


 What has become the Hemingford Hub was first proposed in 2017 as a test case for how lonely or isolated people in the village could be supported by the community care sector and NHS. The Hub was recognised as a community group and received funding in November 2019. Just as the team was preparing to launch the Hub, Covid-19 happened.. 


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As well as committee members, we now have more than 100 volunteers supporting both villages. If you would like to join them to help during the Covid-19 pandemic or in other ways, please get in touch. 

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