Process for dealing with requests for medication collection/delivery

Updated 15/04/2020

This is the process for dealing with requests for medication collection and delivery, for the shielded, at risk group of the over 70s, pregnant, and those with underlying health issues, who are self-isolating for 3 months. These residents would likely get a severe COVID-19 infection if they became ill, thereby impacting the NHS capacity.

Doctors’ surgeries and pharmacies are experiencing a 30% increase in prescription requests. They would appreciate that prescriptions are not collected by multiple individuals, but that a quantity of prescriptions are collected at one time, by one or two people known to them.  This is not only more efficient, but decreases possible exposure to COVID-19 for multiple individuals. Ideally the surgeries and pharmacies need 5-6 days notice.

On 2nd April, the Government committed £300 million to pharmacies during the COVID-19 crisis, to assist with delivery of prescription medicines direct to the door of the isolated, shielded, at risk group.  This means that processes are evolving;

  • The Spinney Surgery has decided to deliver all prescriptions dispensed by their pharmacy to their patients’ homes. This will normally be on Thursdays and they require the prescription request by no later than the previous Friday.  Phone number 01480 495347.

  • The Old Exchange Surgery in East Street is delivering all prescriptions dispensed by their pharmacy to their patients’ homes. Their email address is, phone 01480 497477 for any queries.

  • Cromwell Place Surgery (01480 462206) are delivering to their patients unless the patient particularly wants the PV to do so. In this instance patients should mark prescription requests “to be collected by Hemingford Hub”. If the patient does not reorder electronically, Hemingford Hub PV may still be asked to collect paper prescription from patient and deliver to Cromwell Place Surgery. Note: Cromwell Place Surgery and The Old Exchange Surgery have merged as Grove Medical Practice although they are continuing to use their own names.

  • Hemingford Hub has offered a service to collect prescriptions Lloyds Pharmacy (01480 462109) and Boots the Chemists (01480 461886).

  • The Riverport Practice group has a number of Hemingford residents registered with their St Ives surgery (near Rainbow supermarket) and Fenstanton surgery, as has the Roman Gate surgery in Godmanchester. We have been unable to quantify this but there have been no requests for assistance from these surgeries to date.  We can cover St Ives and Fenstanton but we would need to find someone to collect from Godmanchester if and when this becomes an issue.

Prescription requests can come from local volunteers or direct from the residents. Some elderly residents don’t have computer skills and prefer to speak to an actual person – it’s quite a good way of keeping in touch e.g. do you have everything you need?

These prescription requests should be sent by the volunteer (or shielded resident) either by email to, or by phoning Hemingford Hub on 07308 035416.  The data needed is name, address, postcode, date of birth, and which surgery or pharmacy, plus the resident’s phone number. The Hub forwards these requests to the prescriptions volunteer (PV).

The PV will collect the prescribed medicine from the surgery or pharmacy and deliver directly to patients in both Hemingford Grey and Hemingford Abbots. If numbers increase and there are too many for one person to deliver, we will have to evaluate this process, and we may need to seek help from Hemingford Abbots’ volunteers to collect the prescription from a collection point in Hemingford Grey.

If the patient still uses the ‘paper prescription’ method rather than re-ordering electronically, the PV will collect from the patient, take to the pharmacy and return a few days later to collect medication. In this situation the patient is contacted by the PV to confirm when the paper prescription will be collected and asked to leave in an envelope in a mutually agreed safe location.


The PV will pay for those prescriptions if not pre-paid or exempt. The resident should leave out payment, either cash or cheque, or arrange for a BACS payment. This is to be agreed between the PV and the resident.


 What has become the Hemingford Hub was first proposed in 2017 as a test case for how lonely or isolated people in the village could be supported by the community care sector and NHS. The Hub was recognised as a community group and received funding in November 2019. Just as the team was preparing to launch the Hub, Covid-19 happened.. 


07308 035416

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As well as committee members, we now have more than 100 volunteers supporting both villages. If you would like to join them to help during the Covid-19 pandemic or in other ways, please get in touch. 

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